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Sunday, January 3, 2016


Refreshed links from a 2009 blog


Pardon me while I go off topic. But Candy J (Sweet Pussy Pauline) brings back a lot of great memories for me. Let's just say I have a penchant for porn beats and bitch tracks. Naturally Candice Jordan in all her incarnations is an idol of mine. She has the definitive potty mouth.

She first came to my attention when Ellis D. (Junior Vasquez), Work This Pussy was a massive underground house record in N.Y.C.

My favorite Candy J. was the release labeled as Hateful Head Helen in 1989.

Personally I find this type of nasty to be the height of feminism. She's taking back the power and letting us know exactly how she likes it.  You could have found this gem in my Ebay store.


Candy J. had a few early house records which I don't know. But I did used to have a copy of 1989's Hurt Me, Hurt Me on Echo U.S.A. I also used to have Shoulda Known Better a 1993 release on Vinyl Solution which later got picked up by Tribal America which an old buddy of mine Rob DiStefano used to run.

I've provided a zip with a potpurri of Sweet Pussy Pauline. I have also provided you with a link for Fee Fi Fo Fum a British release by The Candy Girls. Yet another moniker for our Candy J.

a pussy zip

Do let me know which are some of your favorite Sweet Pussy Pauline lines. I still regularly say "you're makin' me bark, you're makin' me bark!" But I've stretched the term to be used at any moment of extreme pleasure. Even a particularly delicious ice cream sundae can encourage me to toss out the line. Usually with a look of orgasmic pleasure and perhaps even crossing my eyes for full effect.

When I'm bummed out all I need to do is put on the acapella of Climb on Top. It absolutely always puts a smile on my face and perhaps even a good belly chuckle.

Put your coins on the table and move on out the door! NEXT!!!!!


Kevin said...


this is what the gold rush felt like!

thanks for all the links! i never knew junior went by any other name!

my favourite will always be work this pussy!

"...girls! I commenced to screamin'..."

Kevin said...

sidebar: a good quality Danny Tenaglia remix is so hard to come by! Have you ever seen/heard one?

e jerry said...

Uncanny Alliance works for me. Also Jade Elektra.

If you're on the light side, then "Diva" or "Drama" from Club 69.

Pimp Team said...

Can you please fix these links one more time?

Also do you have PIMP TEAM - WHOOMP there it is

ExpatMichael said...

The links are just fine. I just check them. whoop there it is...don't know pimp team

daringrod said...

So there I was trying to locate Despite Straight Lines by Marilyn and I found myself at your blog. (BTW: that link is dead - Rapidshare) But that's not important here I thought it wise to look at your recent posts and was amused/thrilled to see your item on Candy J. I grabbed your ZIP file and realized that your collection was in need.

A little over ten years ago while working as a club DJ here in CA., I was talking about Sweet Pussy Pauline with one of our bartenders and how it was impossible to find. Internet shopping/searching hadn't come into its own quite yet, Well, that bartender located Candy J. directly and arranged for her to burn all of her SPP tracks onto a CD for me for my birthday as well as arranging for her to call the club on that day. Crazy, crazy stuff.

Anyway, I am a big believer in sharing the wealth with those of like taste so below is a link to download that CD, made personally by the artist herself, from my DropBox. Hopefully this will help complete your Candy J. library. Enjoy!

... and thank you for everything you share.

"Whooo Shit!"

Michael Vinyl said...

Thanks so much for the gift. I'll see if I can find the Marilyn. In the meantime you can friend both Candy J. and Marilyn in Facebook.

Kevin said...

holy smokes, another gold rush! thanks for sharing this daringrod

daringrod said...

I spread the love when I can Kevin... from the garbage disposal to the blender Whooo Shit!

Anonymous said...

Nobody has the Candy J "Hurt Me Hurt Me" acapella

Michael Vinyl said...

I guess you could always go on or eBay and buy the vinyl.