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Tuesday, February 22, 2011



I had hoped this one was gonna cover most of my February rent.

But damn if I can ever really know what's gonna happen on the old Ebay. I do know that there are no copies on discogs or ebay at the moment. I also know it's one of those obscure disco funk jams out of Canada that get the bidders worked up. Sort of like Are you Lonely? by Hipnotic which I much prefer. But unlike Hipnotic I don't think there are bootleg copies of this one going around.

1983 was a damn hot year for vinyl. A ton of my favorite italo disco came out in 1983 and it was a great year for transitioning. The word "disco" wasn't being used anymore but plenty of us still wanted to go out and dance, and how! I just did the majority of my dancing around Europe so it had an incredible impact on my pleasure sensations in the memory bank.

Amra also had a follow-up single too with Dancin' but I never got that one. I heard it on you tube and it didn't work me quite as much as this one either. Which incidentally was first released with a different title Special Kind of Lovin' and then  Special Kind of Love

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soulie said...

Nice blog,you really have some interesting stuff (not all but you can't please all).
I thought i'd recognised the 'boat,(face) on 'Beat Electric'on some comment or other.
I was wondering, if you have it that is, could you please post
'Wanda 'Star' Williams - Mr UFO'

From an expat in Espana.