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Monday, June 25, 2012

The fantabulous Meli'sa Morgan

Meli'sa Morgan has had success using a variety of aliases.  But the disco hit as Shades of Love, Keep in Touch from 1982 has to be her most memorable.  I know it was one of my major jams back when I was in high school back in suburban Connecticut.
The Ultimix remix service did a fun re-vamp of the song in their #56 issue in 1994.  In fact I still have it in my EBay store.  ULTIMIX 56
ULTIMIX 56 remix of Keep in Touch
"All over my body I wanna feel your body all over my body!"
Venture Records Twelve Inch in my EBay store

Monday, June 4, 2012


The Sweet were one of those bands in the 70's that consistently was able to provide me with joy.

Formed in 1968 out of the British Glam Rock scene they were able to parlay their success onto the American pop charts only by the second half of the 70's other then with Little Willy which had been a big hit earlier.  In the U.K. and in parts of Europe they had a long string of huge hits (in the U.K. alone 13 Top 20 hits in the 70's).
Their 1977 promo only 12" release Funk it Up is quite rare.  It is still a high priced collectible and I'll have to admit that at the time the song passed me by completely.  Not like Fox on the Run which was a 45 I played to death.
Their last hit single Love is Like Oxygen was a classic.  Their harmonizing was outstanding.

Friday, June 1, 2012

I'm crazy about Nancy Martinez or if you love yourself some Nancy Martinez like I love me some Nancy Martinez...

Born Nancy Catherine Julia Martinez to John and Maureen Martinez from Rosemount, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Nancy's multi-cultural genes may very well have had an influence on her natural talent. Her father was Spanish and her mother was of Welsh origin.  However, although her aspirations were to follow another career path she began to hone her musical skills early in life. Vocal lessons and luck helped Nancy land many jobs at clubs and parties.  She eventually parlayed her talent into the role of background singer.  In 1980-81 she toured with recording artist Chatelaine ("Take Me") as well as touring and studio work with RenĂ© and Nathalie Simard and disco sensation Kat Mandu ("The Break") to name a few.
It happens all the Time 
It happens all the Time was a release from 1987 on Disconet.

Quebec's very own Nancy Martinez!
Nancy felt uncomfortable about signing as an artist.  However, she agreed to record for producer Domenic Sciullo but refused to use her real name.  Her first solo release was "Can't Believe" credited to Nancy Martin.  The song spread over Canada like wildfire eventually reaching the U.S. where Atlantic Records picked it up for release.  This was her first American hit, but later that year she scored an even bigger success internationally with "I'm Gonna Get Your Love" credited to Jade. Thanks to a Disconet remix (U.S.A.) and versions on Polydor (Canada), Rams Horn (Holland) and Dureco-Benelux (Netherlands) the song became a global sensation. 
1983 gave us several brilliant Nancy releases including So Excited and Take it Slowly both of which were staples at The Saintcant believe and la vie in case the other link dies
Can't Believe 
 Nancy Martin was her first alias but she ended up using a few.  The instrumental  Twelve Inch Vocal  Sizzling Hot White Label Mix
By far the best Nancy Martinez record is Can't Believe.  It's cosmic, it's disco, it's dark, it's just the right groove.  It was in 1982 and it is in 2011 too.  It got picked up by Atlantic in the states and shot up to #5 on the U.S. Disco Charts.
The 1984 release on Matra and J.C. Records Canada was sort of unusual.  It was an attempt to capitalize on the fact that Laid Back's Sunshine Reggae was a huge hit all over the world yet not in North America.  Then they thought to segue into her version of La Vie en Rose.  She is of course fluent in French so why not?  Believe it or not it works though.

Jade takes me back to the Frat House in Dupont Circle D.C.
I was a Freshman at University and I was first coming into contact with Hi NRG the clubs.  Nancy's alias as Jade "I'm Gonna Get Your Love" was massive.  It brings me back to such a time of sheer dancing joy.
After a couple years break she went full-stop Freestyle with the massive "Move Out."  MOVE OUT  It hit #12 on the dance charts.
Her biggest hit was the 1986 freestyle smash "For Tonight" though likeable it was a far more commercial sound.  It peaked at #2 on the dance charts.

It's follow-up in 1987 "Can't Wait" took the sound one step further.  I think it's a more hardcore dance record then "For Tonight" was.  Freestyle was still the sound on that one. CAN'T WAIT CAN'T WAIT GIMME YOUR LOVE  
The third hit in a row, Can't Wait hit #17 on the Billboard Dance Charts.

Here's an interview with our diva.
Even now Nancy does jingles.  She's quite happy to be able to work from home.

2001's Italian release For the First Time saw her getting dance-floor action once again.  Her voice is full and soulful.  She really shows on this track that she's a capable vocalist.