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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tribal Rites David Diebold's Disco Diary

There are quite a few great books that chronicle the disco era and give different takes on it. Mel Cheron's Keep on Dancin' (My Life at the Paradise Garage), Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton's last night a d.j. saved my life, Tim Lawrence's Love saves the day, and Peter Shapiro's Turn the Beat Around to name a few.

They have been extensively researched and contains playlists and reminisces from many people who were part of the scene and are still around to tell their tales. These books are especially valuable for Larry Levan fans who want to know more about this legendary d.j. and his rise to prominence. Also how different scenes were happening at times contemporarily such as Northern Soul, Studio 54, Punk/New Wave clubs, and finally the rise of High NRG and the exclusively gay clubs. Disco never died it just kept having it's name changed, altered, and in the end simply revived, sampled and re-packaged.

Then there are the more trashy gossipy type books like Joshua Gamson's The Fabulous Sylvester and the holy grail of this type of book Tribal Rites by David Diebold. Which you can see reviewed by clicking the link to my auction.

Tribal Rites is by far the rarest disco book out there. I sold my copy a few months ago and it got a pretty penny.