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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Everybody wants to be Bourgié Bourgié Gladys Knight, John Davis, Ashford & Simpson and crew

Ashford and Simpson's Bourgié Bourgié is disco legendary. It was originally a cut on their 1977 l.p. Send It.  In the U.S. their version was never released on 12" so the U.K. press of it has become a coveted collector's item.  There is even a mis-pressed version of the U.K. 12" in which in one part the song gets sped up and then goes back to normal.

In 1979 John Davis and the Monster Orchestra covered it and it was released on a white label Promo, for which I wrote the discogs entry HERE.  The next year it was covered by Gladys Knight and the Pips as the b side to their soulful disco classic Taste of bitter Love.  The Gladys Knight version of Bourgié Bourgié was produced by Ashford and SimpsonGLADYS VERSION SINGLE EDIT POUND BOYS EDIT

A highly coveted edit of the Ashford and Simpson version was done by Joe Clausell.  It's not to be missed!  THE BEST VERSION

All three versions are outstanding though perhaps the John Davis version is the most campy in that over-the-top kinda way disco can be.  This version features Nickloas Ashford and Valerie Simpson on vocals according to the credits listed on the John Davis l.p. The Monster Orchestra Strikes Again.  JOHN DAVIS IS DISCO LEGENDARY


Here I'll provide a link to download the Gladys Knight and the Pips version, in the Pound Boys bootleg form.

And finally even a house version.  The Watergates featuring Janette Sewell came out in 1991.  The vocals are not unlike Gladys Knights.  WATERGATES

If anyone would like to post an opinion about this track or a comparison of the three versions I'd love to hear what you have to say.

From the Urban dictionary:
Stemming from the French word bourgeoisie. Pronounced "boo-zhee"

Someone who is class-conscious, with educated and discerning tastes, and interested in enjoying the finer things in life. It is definitely not high-class, aristocratic, snooty, or snobbish. “Bourgie'” is as much an idea, and a state of mind, as it is an attitude towards enjoying good food, good friends, and good conversation, everyday.  It evokes a mood of simple elegance, casual yet sophisticated—modern.
"Check out old girl in the Mercedes.  Isn't she from 82nd and International (Oakland)? Oh I guess she's bourgie now!"

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Dave_1UPH said...

Hello. Interesting page regarding the Bourgie Bourgie versions. Have you got a copy of The 2001 (I think) monster house anthem - Guitarra G by Banda Sonora. It draws heavily on the Ashford and Simpson version.


ExpatMichael said...

No I don't but feel free to send it to me at Thanks!


Ashford and Simpson sing on the Monster Orchestra cover, which in my opinion isn't campy at all, just nice and solid.
Wouldn't mind hearing the album (A&S)vocal version, as in my opinion the 12" instrumental B side is a bit weak. Cheers.

ExpatMichael said...

It is not a John Davis cover as it was done first by ashford and Simpson who wrote it.

redwards7nrd said...

My opinion, this is the greatest song ever recorded (I'm talkin bout the Ashford and Simpson original). I got married to this song and have it as my alarm every morning when I wake up! I still hear new things in it each day, due to the complexity of arrangement and orchestration. It is exquisite, quite simply the best!

redwards7nrd said...

By the way, the other two versions are great too. And I believe its a myth that A&S ever did a vocal version, can anyone confirm this?