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Sunday, September 21, 2014


This blog is being re-posted.  Originally it ran in 2010 but now I have a zip with even more mixes in it.

I hate speaking in absolutes but A Little Bit of Jazz by the Nick Straker Band is quite frankly my favorite disco song of all time. It spent one week at #1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play Chart in 1981.


My friend Jimmy M, a DJ based out of Arizona even created an edit for me for my birthday a couple years ago. Since I'm a Gemini and it's almost my special day again I thought I'd bring it out for you all to enjoy. He definitely played up some of the sound effects that I love so much in this song. Give me rocket ships, cowbells and whistles in my disco and you've put a smile on my face!
Another edit in the zip is by my friend Greg Womack.  He just left this earth late summer but I can assure you that he'd be thrilled to be included in this zip along with the fantastic Shep Pettibone Master Mix version.

I remember one time I was at The Loft in it's most recent home at the Ukranian Center on 2nd Avenue in the East Village and it came on. I was dancing and grooving and just feeling it and the next thing I knew I was crying. Tears of joy thank you very much. It just sounded so right, so delish. It wasn't the first time I've felt ecstasy on a dance-floor but it was one of the most powerful ones.

A Little Bit of Jazz was one of the fiercest Shep Pettibone Mastermixes made famous on the great series that New York Disco Radio Station WKYS (KISS) and Prelude records put out in 1982.  Check out my blog on Shep Pettibone.  Remember you can use the search function above to find out which things I've written about before.  If the links are dead feel free to ask me to refresh for you and if I can I will.

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the saucer people said...

Definitely one of the best disco songs ever, I am right with you on that one, for me the best disco is that perfect blend of afro-funk, rock, soul, prog, electronic music and of course authentic sense of emotion all blended into something that is more than the sum total of its parts.

The Jimmy M mix is just wonderful, a sign of a real master re-editor is someone who can take the song's structure, break it down and then recombine it in new and unexpected hell of a birthday present and thank you so much for sharing it.

I guess there are a lot of 'Jimmy M's around but the mix does feel really uncannily similar to the other Jimmy M mixes I have such as Tantra's Hill Of Katmandu, Robin Gibb's Trash and Tangerue's 'Tangerue's Is A Strange Affair' remixed in the seventies...its not the same Jimmy M is it?!??

I love this Jimmy M's edits but I have never been able to find out anything about him....chances are its two different 'Jimmy M's but my gods, there must be something about that name!

ExpatMichael said...

Did you write to him in the end?

the saucer people said...

Sorry Michael, did you mean write to your friend Jimmy M who did the Nick Straker 'Jazz' remix or write to Jimmy M the guy who remixed Tantra, Robin Gibb etc.?

Have not got either one's email addresses but do pass on my thanks to your friend Jimmy M for making such a great remix!

Do you know anything about the other Jimmy M who did the Tantra/Tangrue/Robin Gibb remixes? I cannot find any info at all...who is this mysterious remixer?!?

Hope everything is good with you, I have been listening to quite a few records you posted on your blog so many thanks again for sharing all this incredible music!

ExpatMichael said...

Because they are the same one. Jimmy M did not do those mixes in the 70's he did them after the millennium.

bng said...

Thank you so musch for this!! One of the most amazing collections I found, no words to describe, got to listen it all! I appreciate!

ExpatMichael said...

You are very welcome bng!

deewreck said...

ExpatMichael said...

Yeah that mix is in the zip.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Great tune!