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Monday, September 3, 2018

FACES and FEEL THE FIRE and especially EYES by CLIO

 Moved up to the front again because I'm pineapples crazy.
another fruity file Maria Chiara Perugini is Clio.  Guess where she's from?

Clio was a tasty italo disco double A side released in 1985 on Crash records.  Superior production, great synths and pleasant vocals.   GET YOURSELF SOME CLIO

Her debut single Eyes from the year before is even better.  It directly bites my pretty much all time favorite italo disco song Come on Closer by Pineapples AND if that wasn't enough she seems to have a chorus in a made up language.  I CAN SEE YOUR EYES

If that wasn't enough here we have a zip of Clone's re-release of Eyes along with a French Version and a newer edit....only one word necessary...HAWT!!! CLONE THOSE EYES

I guess I didn't realize there were samples in 1984.  Here's my Pineapples zip listen for yourself.  I LOVE PINEAPPLES For more info. on this gem just go to search above as I've blogged Come on Closer before.


Mantikore said...

really a jewel, thanks for sharing

Michael Vinyl said...

Thanks! Click on my ads.

Anonymous said...

The Pineapples's link no work, fix it's please

Michael Vinyl said...

I'll try to. Learn to say PLEASE.

Anonymous said...

Haha, the chorus for Eyes is not a made up language, it's French! She says: Il y a de quoi il perd la tete, por toi! Sha, por toi! lala.

Val Veadora said...

They're both written by the same guy - Roberto Ferrante! They are also my faves along with Expansives - Life With You.

Michael Vinyl said...

Yes great ones indeed.