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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Inside You by Giak

Another Italo Disco gem from my favorite  year for the genre 1983.

Co-written by Simona Zanini who was in Doctor's Cat, Martinelli, Radiogram  and occasionally one of the artists listed as Valerie Dore too.

It's from the attempt that some Italo Disco producers were want to do, a pop record.  But Italo is Italo it always has that feel.  Something that certainly makes it a bit oft-kilter for the American market but surely accessible for certain pockets of Europe, Russia and Japan.

Simply infectious and pleasant.  I'm happy for anyone that's hearing it for the first time. il Biscotto forever!


Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Another Rare Italo Disco Nugget I Wanna Discover You by She Male

It was certainly a provocative decision to call your act She Male.  Though I can't find any background on the record which may lead me to believe that the artist was one.


It's definitely more on the melodic poppy spectrum for Italo Disco.  An Out Records (Discomagic) release from 1984.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Welcome to outer space where the disco is like a Shining Star, don't be a stranger

This blog post from years ago has been refreshed to include a copy in .wav

When it first started pressing vinyl Unidisc Canada released original material, but not for long. They went on later to specialize in re-editions, and re-presses. The Stranger by Shining Star was their 15th 12" single release back in 1979. Likely it was one of their best releases. Definitely one of their most coveted.

I absolutely love Unidisc's early sleeve graphic. It featured a woman in high heels with her panties dangling all the way down just above her ankles. The hole for the label was where her crotch would be. They also had another hot sleeve that was a graphic of a hot pink curvy naked female body behind open venetian blinds. This was used on many of their high NRG releases.

My The Stranger 12" had the dangling panties sleeve and I nearly didn't want to give it up for that reason alone. But back to the record itself. It was produced by Orlando Mazzoli an Italian who also worked on the classic Erotic Drum Band debut Action '78. Which incidentally had a sexy sleeve too. The Stranger is the perfect mix of carefree late 70's disco with a deep foreshadowing of what was to come with early Italo Disco, real heavy on the space theme. The deadpan vocals also kind of give off a Kraftwerky new wavey feeling. But the drums are really what give Shining Star it's umph. They carry on! It's one brooding, dark, psychedelic disco odyssey. Disco magic.


Apparently The Stranger was also released on a small Italian label but I have never seen that pressing and I'd imagine it's worth a mint. The Unidisc 12" is rather highly coveted itself.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Nothing but Body Power

The Second release from Italo Disco act Body Power was a very catchy poppy number.

It was released on Italy's Out Records in 1986.  If this record label is a reference to the acts proclivities that I can' stay, but they do look a little light in the loafers.

But in Europe that doesn't mean anything.  Back in the day some of my favorite Italo artists that I was so sure about turned out not to be at all.  I guess I was sort of thinking about how back in the 80's it was the kiss of death in most cases for your career to be "known."  Fortunately times have changed a lot in some ways.