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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Incantations and KKK by G.A.N.G.

Two 1983 releases from the prime of the italo disco era.  The first single by G.A.N.G. entitled Incantations on the sublime DiscoMagic records.  And it's even better follow-up KKK.
 get it here
also in mp3

I had a copy of the follow-up single K.K.K. which was much better but I sold it on ebay about fifteen years ago.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

1983 again, and yes I am obsessed, Crazy Family

Jock Hattle the chubby Italo Disco Megastar.

Better known as Albert One, but in actuality named Alberto Carpani sang many italo disco hits including this debut single under the aforementioned moniker Jock Hattle.  Crazy Family (Yes-No) is just simply a classic of the era almost as good as the Joe Yellow record from the same year, Lover to Lover but still an Italo Disco "10" in my opinion.

He's one of the few italo disco figures that was actually recognizable.  The year before Gary Low became one of the first with the smash You are a Danger.  That same year Gazebo had the second biggest pop single of the year with I Like Chopin (only beaten by Irene Cara's Flashdance - What a Feeling).  So by 1983, Italo Disco artists were being presented on RAI alongside new wave and the new romantic British invasion artists like Duran Duran and Human League.


Friday, January 4, 2019

Are you Lonely? Do you need somebody to hold on to?

Refreshed link from a post I did in 2008 when this blog was just a baby.

In 1983 Street Level Records Canada released Are you Lonely? by Hipnotic. A duo of brothers from Canada. It was co-written and produced by Alan Felder who have written great soulful tracks for the O'Jays, Kim Covington and others. It is five minutes and ten seconds of sheer joy. I'd have to call it a grower. When a customer of mine, a plastic surgeon from Florence, Italy brought it to my attention several years ago I remember thinking this is kinda catchy but so are a lot of 80's R and B Boogie type tunes.

I simply wasn't that impressed that every time I saw this record on Ebay it sold for hundreds of dollars, in some cases even above $600.00. I always thought to myself, that damn lucky vendor. Another auction where they slap Modern Soul or Boogie on the title line and the bidders get into a frenzy. Is this record even rare? What makes it special?

But by nature I'm not cynical. So I listened to it again and again. It only got better. The deep chocolate soulful vocals, the gorgeous melody, the amazing synth, the flute, the funky break, it just churns and churns and churns. The boogie is so damn infectious you just have to play it again the minute it's over. It's remained among my most played on iTunes for several years now. Oww! Oww! Oww!

"Lonely, do you want my mind, body and soul? Lonely! Lonely, Are you Lonely? Do you need somebody to hold on to? Are you Lonely?"

For those who want immediate gratification while the mp3 downloads, several you tube members posted video of the record playing on a turntable. Here's one by an Italian you tuber. Now who would go to the trouble of filming a record on a turntable and then posting it on you tube? Now that may be another blog post, or maybe not. Live and let live I always say.


My buddy Paul Goodyear just did a new re-edit.  You should get it on Beatport.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Eva Robin's NOT JUST A TRANSEXUAL but a Disco Panther

This is one of my most popular blogs since I started Disco Vinyl in 2008 so I've refreshed the links.  ENJOY!
Eva Robins as Cassandra circa 1978.
Swarthy Italo Disco pioneer Celso Valli.

Roberto Maurizio Coatti was born on December 10, 1958 in Bologna, Italy. At puberty he developed breasts naturally and his features became more feminine.

In 1977 after extensive hormone therapy he became the showgirl Eva Robin's. She teamed up with Celso Valli the Italo Disco Wunderkind pictured above, who was responsible for The Passengers, Tantra, Macho, Azoto, Matia Bazar's Ti Sento and many more Italo Disco classics. They recorded Disco Panther using the name Cassandra. So the pairing of a trans gender and a disco version of a pop culture classic was created. Italy so often fashion forward was even one of the first places to have a Trans star.


It's catchy but I have to admit I prefer the instrumental.

Eva is still around today and just as beautiful as ever. Here she is in a video with the Italian T.V. host and writer Platinette. This is a scene from the popular t.v. show Le Iene. One of their trademark gimmicks is the split screen interview with two people being asked the same question. Eva does not spare a moment from her sex kitten routine here.

I used to have this rare 12".  But I sold it on eBay years ago.

I didn't have the picture cover version pictured above. It's not a great shot of Eva anyway.