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Friday, March 18, 2016

Amin-Peck was Italo Disco Elite

Refreshed to include more music.

Italo disco, minimal, electronic disco call it what you will but Amin Peck was hot.  Suicidal in 1983 being among their best.  I've also included Coda from their debut e.p. from 1982.

Amin Peck were an italian band leaded by Giorgio Fioroni (aka George Fyron, arrangements, production, vocals) with Leonard Parker (arrangments, keyboards) and Max Marne (production).
They are perfect for the disco vinyl blog.  I want to remember as much of this kind of music as possible  and I hope that my efforts are appreciated by you.

I really like what wikipedia has to say about them so I'm going to cut and paste it directly.


Like most ’80s electronic bands, Amin-Peck walked a fine line between Disco and Minimal Wave throughout the course of the early 1980s, oftentimes incorporating shameless Pop melodies and Avant-garde leanings. Amin Peck were an italian band leaded by Giorgio Fioroni (aka George Fyron, arrangements, production, vocals) with Leonard Parker (arrangments, keyboards) and Max Marne (production). Incredible but true, Amin Peck started as 'hard rock' guitar band in the 70's... You can also find some tracks on YouTube before became one of the best examples of italo disco.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Lama's 1983 italo disco HI NRG classic Love is on the Rocks is a cover version of Lucio Battisti's Il Veliero from 1976.  LAMA FOR YOU LAMA ZIP   SINGLE MIXES

It's a Saint classic and a highly coveted twelve inch.  In my zip I am providing you with the original, the Disconet remix and the Rhythm Stick remix.  For fun I've thrown in a 2008 version that came out on Almighty Records by Belle Lawrence.  They did a pretty good job of updating the sound but still keeping it the same song.
Belle Lawrence has done many covers.  Including Shakira's Wherever, Whenver and The Flirts Passion.
There is also this 2008 remix out there.  I've never heard it.

He was most popular during the seventies when politically conscious music was big in Italy. Hell the commies were about to take over when Aldo Moro was kidnapped and later killed by the "brigada rosso." Not the best move since this Christian Democrat politician was doing a lot to comprise with the Italian Communists, but hey this isn't a political blog now is it?

He died of cancer in 1998 and compilations of his career's work have been selling like hot cakes in Italy and around Europe ever since.

Way of Life The Puppets

Oh 1983 I'm always going on and on about 1983.  Another fabulous dance track from 1983 was The Way of Life by The Puppets.  WAY OF LIFE  It has a delicious mixture of electro, new wave and even italo disco.  In D.C. it got heavy play on OK100 which was an urban station I was partial to at the time.

Though the band was from Long Island their twelve inch single came out on the seminal Canadian dance label Quality.  Shaun Brigton of the new wave band Nervus Rex formed The Puppets and Way of Life hit #3 on the Billboard dance charts.  Though a hit single in Canada the band broke up so they could be dumped into that one hit wonder category.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

LOVE SIGN BY GATSBY is very rare, it's italo disco legendary

Currently one of the most collectible Italo Disco titles.   I've never seen it go for less then $500.00. Gatsby is a sweet looking boy too.


A 1984 release on Italy's Dischi Ricordi records.

I'm looking for the love sign. Mine's Gemini baby. My favorite presents include high quality mp3's of rare italo disco gems like this.

A Gazebo teaser

Here's a little teaser for a long overdue blog coming up very soon.

It's the No Mercy Mix of I Like Chopin fellow Roman Paolo Mazzolini (Gazebo) in his biggest Italo Disco hit given a modern treatment.