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Friday, June 24, 2016

Strange Life Arabian Prince Electro Silliness

Just a little bit of Electro from 1984.  Not much to say about it other then it's borderline corny.  But it's definitely hot in that mid 80s Electro way.

And I've been really neglecting the blog this Spring.  I hope to have a much more active summer posting season.


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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Klein and M.B.O. ITALO DISCO MAGIC at it's best

Refreshing the zip on this one too.  It now includes more music.

Anyone who worships Italo Disco like me knows that Klein and M.B.O. are the pinnacle. Their releases feature every aspect of Italo Disco that make it such a special and enjoyable off-shoot genre of Disco in the first place.

an edit of Dirty Talk
M.B.O. Zip
Quality Klein

From the vocal stylings of Italian Jazz singer Rosanne Casale, who gives us just the right amount of Euro pronunciation to techno electro beats provided by masterminds Tony Carrasco and Mario Boncaldo. From 1982 to 1986 their releases under one of many aliases Klein and M.B.O., had crowds boogieing the night away at the best clubs around the world.

Their sound embraced by influential Chicago radio station WBMX was instrumental in influencing what later came to be called HOUSE music. Masters like Frankie Knuckles Larry Levan, and Ron Hardy pumped Klein and M.B.O. at their respective clubs, The Warehouse, The Paradise Garage and The Music Box.

They are of course best remembered for the classic Dirty Talk but here I choose to feature another gem. The Klein and M.B.O. Theme from their debut l.p. on Phoenix Records Italy in 1982.

Klein and M.B.O. records still sell 30 years later.  In fact in my Ebay store I recently had the 12" remix of Wonderful (sung by Rosanna Casale).  Again another track off their stunning debut l.p. in this special Phoenix double A side 12" it's paired with Taffy's, White and Black. Taffy of course had her own Italo Disco hit a few years later with I Love my Radio (Midnight Radio). 
Well that was about 7 years ago.  With the way mp3's going flying around at this point I doubt he'd care that I made a more extensive zip.  It's still worth buying all of the Klein and M.B.O. stuff however cause it's all pretty fabulous.