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Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Night Valerie Dore's signature italo disco single (including the Ben Liebrand remix)

Since this is my most popular blog post by far I've decided to put it back up to the top again.

The Night is my favorite Valerie Dore record.  She had a string of italo disco hits in the mid 80's.   But this is her debut single from 1984.  The download links are interspersed in the body of this blog.


The Valerie Dore project was started with the voice of Dora Carofiglio, the vocalist of Novecento. She sang the hit "The Night". During the years of activity the team included also Monica Stucchi (who sang, with Dora Carofiglio, other hits like "Get Closer" and "It's So Easy"). Simona Zanini wrote the lyrics for the 2nd arc of the project, "The Legend" album and singles taken from it. Marco Tansini and Simona had been working with Merak Music (Monia, Diana Barton, John Ryel) and producer Roberto Gasparini decided to give them the job, which included Simona following Monica's singing and pronunciation, and recording background vocals too.

Monica Stucchi


kosmikino said...

My favourite track by the legendary Valerie Dore project, I always wondered the name of the other vocalist apart from the wonderful Dora Carofiglio, so thanks for the Monica Stucchi info.

I just love those Italo-Disco tracks sung in English by Italian singers like Dora and Bagarre, Block Sistem and the one who did the cover of 'Sky High' - a name I always forget.

As is MF's random nature, it has allowed the vocal mix but blocked the dub because it appears on a compilation! It did this to me with a song that had the same title as a copyrighted book, such is the price of sending mindless scourbots to police copyright!

ExpatMichael said...

I have refreshed the link with a different upload site.