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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Love is just a breath away (Suzanne) by Les McKeown

Ordinarily I wouldn't post a song that I don't like.  But I can't resist with this one.  I was such a huge Bay City Rollers fan.  The thought that Les McKeown would have solo releases on the italo disco tip is just too fab not to resist.
The Scotsman first solo single was in 1979.  This track Love is Just a Breath Away was his third or fourth 12" single release coming out in 1988.  The first was called Shall I Do it in 1979, dig the off the shoulder look on the 12" cover! And those boots to boot!  What was the label thinking?  Who did they hire as the stylist Liberace!
Apparently Les had a very hard time.  Who wouldn't when you sold millions and millions of records in one of the biggest boy bands of the 70's and then all the success comes to a halt? Listen to Les

Talking to the Night by Brian Ice

Brian Ice's Talking to the Night is a solid example of vocal italo disco.  Released in 1985 on MeMix records it also later received the Swedish remix treatment.  Brian Ice Zip

In the zip we even have a 1999 take on it. His real name is Fabio Rizzolo and he has used several aliases including: Kenzo and as a group A-Beat BoysABeatC All StarsFun Four.

Robot with a Rose by Biss

Here's an extremely rare and unusual italo disco number.  It was released in 1982 on Dischi International Records.  Don't have much to say about it but the more of this kind of music I find the more I will feel joy in my life.
Robot with a Rose is quirky and it's oh so right.


Incantations by G.A.N.G.

Another 1983 release from the prime of the italo disco era.  The first single by G.A.N.G. entitled Incantations on the sublime DiscoMagic records. get it here

I had a copy of the follow-up single K.K.K. which was much better but I sold it on ebay about seven years ago.  Here's the italo disco section of my ebay store.  Check it out.  I add new stuff every week.


Party Let's Party Oxygen

Here's a funky disco number from 1981.  Certainly not an easy one to find, it's on Etcetera Records.  Did they even have any other releases? oxygen zip
The label based out of Cherry Hill, New Jersey actually did have a few other releases.  But very few at that.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Arpadys rare French Space Disco Magic

If there is another thing I love as much as italo disco it's spacey disco.  The one and only release in 1977 by French act Arpadys is a classic of the genre.  I sold my copy years ago on Ebay for about $200.00.  It continues to be a collectible though it has been re-issued (as a bootleg) which often screws up bidding on the original because bidders are afraid that the re-issue is being passed off as the original.

Berlin Machine Edit of Funky Bass

Don't Stop italo disco by Time with George Aaron

Don't Stop is a 1984 release by italo disco artist Time.  They were one of the more prolific italo disco artists with more then ten 12" releases though they only had the one album.
This particular release is listed as Time with George Aaron.  Don't Stop

Living in your Eyes CLOSED italo disco

Closed was founded in 1986. At that time, the group was made up of two components: Gabriel and Olga Tintó.
Living in your Eyes Their first single Living in Your eyes came out in 1987 and is now a highly coveted italo disco rarity.  Interestingly enough they are Spanish and not Italian so not all italo disco records are Italian.

Gimme Love and Music Colours by Cellophane italo disco space music

Cellophane (Alessandro NovagaGiorgio Paganini) released two super high quality italo disco releases.  Gimme Love in 1983 and Music Colours in 1984.
Here I am sharing Gimme Love with you.  Sorry about the cold ending.  If anyone has a better high quality rip of it I'd appreciate your passing it on.
And now for a much better rip of Music Colours, enjoy!  cellophane

Disco King

Alberto Carrara's first single Disco King features all the qualities I love in an Italo Disco tune.  In addition it's campy.  Those licks that sound like they come from a circus are particularly over the top.  But if that weren't enough we have pinball sounds too!
I always go on and on about 1983.  It was the best year for Italo Disco and I just happened to be studying in Rome and going out A LOT.  Songs like Disco King were absolutely King back then.
I have probably already written about this song before but since media fire has butchered all my links I decided to throw it up here again.  Disco King

Friday, March 22, 2013


Umberto Tozzi is probably best known for having the original version of Gloria.  The song that made Laura Branigan a star.  He's had a long a varied career and recently had a Greatest His release.

This 1987 release which was pure pop in Italy became a morning music classic at The Saint in N.Y.C.
a zip of Immensamente

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Charanga 76

Charanga '76 did some top notch covers of some of the biggest disco hits of the 70's.  This includes We are Family, Good Times and Ain't no Stoppin' Us Now. 

They are just about as enjoyable as the originals. 
Buy My Copy
I've got a really banged up copy of the 12" of No Nos Pararan in my Ebay store.
They have worked with Eddie Drennon who is quite the disco luminary.
Enjoy Charanga Click Here