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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The last single for Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons was a lush morning music beauty called Losing Game.

Here I provide the scarce extended remix done by Jellybean Benitez back when he was the Junior Vasquez of his day. Man his name is on tons of my records. All sorts of styles too. Jellybean as we know was also instrumental in launching Madonna and was one of her many lovers.

Aussie Joe Camillieri (Zep) also wrote and produced the song. I think one of the best parts of this song are the tasty female background vocals. I wonder who they are? They deserve some kudos.

Unfortunately the group broke up just as they were about to be launched in the American market and that's probably why this great track remains relatively obscure.

Click the title of this blog and it will bring you directly into my Ebay store and it's listing for this Promo 12".


Thursday, February 18, 2010


You could almost call Konk The Paradise Garage house band. They played there many times including the closing night.

They had that perfect mesh of new wave, disco, jazz and latin. So they had the power of appealing to many yet keeping their sound real street and underground.


Their biggest hit Your Life was picked up by Sleeping Bag. It was massive in New York. Here I choose to spotlight an earlier 12" Konk Party which was released on Celluloid in 1983.


Just recently the band played for the first time in more then 20 years.  It was an event to commemorate the life of DJ Mark Kamins.  He was an early champion of their work, as they often played at Danceteria as well as The Paradise Garage.


I'm pretty sure this gem has been posted on a few blogs, but I just can't get enough of it. It's one of those songs I slap on when I feel a bit down and it always cheers me up. The strings are just so fluttery. It's so Chic, so orchestral so BIG and GRAND. Yet it just got lost in the shuffle. Just too much disco coming out in 1979 I guess.

Course Dimitri of Paris got his hands on it. If he hadn't then it would have been Joey Negro or any other of a large number of d.j.'s that just can't seem to let well enough alone.

Robin Beck has remained sort of an obscure figure too. She definitely serves us hot and pretty.

I haven't heard any of her other releases. There were a few too including a 12" in 2006 no less.

Is Robin Beck even in this group picture? I would guess she's old enough to be any of these girl's mom. Has anyone heard Sunblock featuring Robin Beck doing First Time from 2006? If so drop me a note and tell me about it. So did they do this photo shoot at the Playboy mansion? Where's Kendra? Where's Bridget?

This is actually a re-make of her single from 1988 which seems to have only been released in Europe. So I'd have to guess that our Robin Beck is based somewhere on my continent. So was this song a jingle for Coca-Cola or something?

Back to the meat, I posted this for the gem Sweet Talk. Clicking above you can listen to the original and Dmitri's recent take on it too.

Kenny Lehman who had his hands in a lot of Chic stuff and Lemon produced, conducted and arranged this disco beauty. Thomas Jones co-produced. He also was involved with Lemon and Roundtree too. So it proves that even if you have the right cooks in the kitchen you still may not be able to sell your dish at Spago.

Kudos to Robin herself for having a hand in writing this tune. For disco I'd call it a masterpiece for it's lyrics alone. Though that's not necessarily saying much, think Fly Robin Fly or Boogie Oogie Oogie.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


The funny thing about this 1990 Italo Disco goes Hi NRG import on Lombardoni Publishing Recordings is the fact that they misprinted the title on the sleeve. They actually called it Let me Tall in Love on the cover.

Not too swift, huh?

Severo Lombardoni was the well respected boss of Disco Magic Records and appeared on some of it's releases as an artist. He produced the 1982 classic by DelanuĂ  How Many Fill and Alan Barry's Tell me the Reason just to name a couple. He's definitely Italo Disco legendary.

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