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Sunday, May 26, 2013


In 1990 Rammellzee was my downstairs neighbor in Tribeca.  I'd almost say we were friends.  We definitely had a mutual respect for each other.  He even made me a graffiti painting of my name.  I have it in storage.  I've never gotten it appraised and don't really know anything about art anyway.

I never had this original pressing of Beat Bop which came out in 1983 on Tartown Records.  Apparently it's ultra rare because it came out as a 500 copy only limited edition with artwork by his friend Jean Michel Basquait who not long after died of a heroin overdose.  According to a copy actually went for $1500 a few year back.  Basquait actually produced and arranged the tune.
I had this Profile records white label promo and it too is valuable.  The track is now considered an Electro Hip Hop classic.  It's definitely creative!  BEAT BOP is JUST OVER TEN MINUTES LONG

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