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Sunday, March 2, 2014


Telex was formed as an all-electronic disco pop band in 1978 by radio DJ/jazz musician Marc Moulin, programmer/sound engineer Dan Lacksman and vocalist Michel Moers.  I became acquainted with them with their 3rd single.  The seminal new wavey, italo, disco bomb Moskow Diskow.

Sire had such a knack for signing artists and they found their home on the seminal label in the U.S.  In Europe they actually had a few hit singles.  On the U.S. dance charts Moskow Diskow made it up to #36 but managed to stay on the charts an impressive 16 weeks while the follow-up Euro Vision/Dance to the Music/Twist to St. Tropez only got up to #45.  They managed to hit the U.S. dance charts one more time with Peanuts which made it to #45 in 1988.

Since I loved Kraftwerk RAZORMAID REMIX OF THE TELEPHONE CALL so much this seemed like a tune that was greatly influenced by them.  Funny that the name of the band Telex seemed so cool and cutting edge in the seventies but now it represents something that is practically obsolete.

Just above is the cover for their 2006 release.  I had no idea they were still around.  They probably re-grouped because EDM is so popular.


Chris Hodgson said...

Did anything ever sound so modern?

I used to scour Billboard, searching for tracks that crossed over from the Euro Top Ten to the Dance charts. That's how I "found" Hills of Katmandu", Space and Romenelli's "Connecting Flight". Ah, it was all so simple then...

ExpatMichael said...

Those are all tracks close to my heart.