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Friday, January 16, 2015

Honey to a bee Tina b a Freestyle Electro Masterpiece

Produced and arranged by Arthur Baker and John Robie and edited by The Latin Rascals need I say more?  Tina Klein had the great fortune to marry Arthur Baker and he did what he could to promote his wife.  But she was good, damn good.  Her voice can be heard on classics like Africa Baambataa's Jazzy Sensation and Nothing's Gonna Come Easy before her signature record Honey to a Bee was released in 1984.  She was a member of Goon Squad and Rocker's Revenge to boot.

I will be forever in debt to Matthew Drudge for turning me on to this song.  He is undoubtably the biggest freestyle fan I have ever met and his obsession with John Robie was well documented.  
But he unlike me didn't friend him on Facebook.

Tina b. also appears on the Beat Street soundtrack.

January, February was O.K. but it was no honey to a bee.

We'll buzz around and around until we come alive
let's fall in love
like honey to a bee
you've got a love who stick to me
like crepes, cakes and wine
ooh your love is right on time

like honey to a bee
like honey to a bee
your love is right on time
busy busy like a bee aha aha  your love stung me
busy busy like a bee aha aha your love strung me
my name is Tina b coming straight from the hive 
I need some honey to keep alive
you look to me like  a real hum dinger you better watch or I'll lose my stinger!

busy bee busy bee busy bee

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