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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Physical Fascination by Mod-it is an Italo Disco holy grail

The least they could do was pronounce the title correctly!  In Italian the C is pronounced "CHEE",  you gotta love it though.  The pronunciation is a lot of what makes italo disco so fun.  Physical Fascination is truly a synthy gem.

 A physically fascinating download link

This fun ditty was released in 1986 on the Italian label Media Records and has become ultra collectible.  A copy will set you back a minimum of $300.00 so enjoy this mp3 it's probably the closest you'll get to owning this track, LOL

Gianfranco Bortolloti has had his hands in a ton of italo disco numbers including Gino Latino, Venice, Funny Twins, Capella and even Gigo D'agostino. 

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