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Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Here's another told post I'm brining back.

The vocalist for La Vie En Rose was meant to be Teresa Wiater.  Produced, arranged and remixed by the mighty Tom Moulton in 1977 it has become one of the definitive disco re-make classics.  His muse Grace Jones knowing a good thing when she hears one convinced Tom to give it to her.  The rest made history as it crossed over to pop all over Europe and other parts of the world.
TERESA VERSION (UNRELEASED) Teresa unfortunately fell into the depths of obscurity.  Although she managed to have one minor disco hit in 1979 with Once and For All.  Grace on the other hand.....
Teresa Wiater's version (if I figure out which external HD I put this on to I may add this to the post at a later date, for now you can hear the version posted on  you tube)
So which version is better?

And for those of you curious about the Edith Piaf original from 1945.

For fun in the zip I threw in the Nancy Martinez version.  She's a chanteuse from Montreal who had a few cute dance hits in the 80's under several different monikers.  LA VIE EN ZIP


scottie b said...

actually , the original , original is from like the 30s or something crazy. i did research on the song for a project

Michael Vinyl said...

I did call it a re-make.