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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Family Tree is Sharon Brown (Mr. K edit too) a Paradise Garage Classic

In my five years selling on Ebay this obscure disco funk jam has been my very best showing. With a final sales price of just under $700.00 it certainly made my day and paid a few bills. If only it had been Near Mint I would have done even better. I've actually seen a copy go for over $1,200! Since then it has shown up both in re-issue and bootleg so I'd imagine bidders are much more cautious about bidding high on this one.

Family Tree by Family Tree was written and sung by Sharon Brown and released in 1976 on Anada records. She of course five years later had a disco smash with I Specialize in Love. Her other releases failed to create a murmur. But Family Tree with its soulful flutes and deep gospel tinged vocals will remain legendary. Apparently it was a major crowd pleaser on Larry Levan's dance-floor at The Paradise Garage.  I specialize in love .wav

Just click on the blog's title and it will bring you into my Ebay store.  I've got almost 500 twelve inch available at the moment.

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