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Friday, February 6, 2015

Eva Robins NOT REALLY A TRANSEXUAL but a Disco Panther

This is one of my most popular blogs since I started Disco Vinyl in 2008 so I've refreshed the links.  ENJOY!
Eva Robins as Cassandra circa 1977.
Swarthy Italo Disco pioneer Celso Valli.

Roberto Maurizio Coatti was born on December 10, 1958 in Bologna, Italy. At puberty he developed breasts naturally and his features became more feminine.

In 1977 after extensive hormone therapy he became the showgirl Eva Robins. She teamed up with Celso Valli the Italo Disco Wunderkind pictured above, who was responsible for The Passengers, Tantra, Macho, Azoto, Matia Bazar's Ti Sento and many more Italo Disco classics. They recorded Disco Panther using the name Cassandra. So the pairing of a trans gender and a disco version of a pop culture classic was created.


It's catchy but I have to admit I prefer the instrumental.

Eva is still around today and just as beautiful as ever. Here she is in a video with the Italian T.V. host and writer Platinette. This is a scene from the popular t.v. show Le Iene. One of their trademark gimmicks is the split screen interview with two people being asked the same question. Eva does not spare a moment from her sex kitten routine here.

I used to have this rare 12".  You can check out the wares I'm displaying in my ebay store by clicking on the title above.

I didn't have the picture cover version pictured above. It's not a great shot of Eva anyway.

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