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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Crazy Kitsch of Nancy Nova

Had this up a six years ago!  Figured it was time to freshen the link.

British born singer/actress Nancy Nova had her first release with No Way in 1978. Later that year she also recorded the theme song for an Italian t.v. show Akiri Non Stop and even appeared in a few episodes. It's follow-up Heaven was her debut into the Electronic spacey disco style in her super high pitched warble.

But she is best known for 198l's disco camp new wave classic The Force in which she sings in a demented voice and says the silliest things. But believe me it's incredibly catchy. Two listens and you're hooked! How I wish they had made a video for it. Nevertheless it became a gay disco classic as gays tend to appreciate and embrace the off-kilter more willingly.

She was meant to be part of Total Coelo but previous commitments kept her from joining this new wave kitsch classic group who were best known for I Eat Canibals. Which I have in my Ebay store right now. Go to the link at the bottom of the page and use the search function in my store to get to it.

Fortunately there was a video for Made in Japan, released in 1982. It doesn't disappoint.

1982's No No No is not quite as danceable but continues to work her sound. It also features a brilliant 45' sleeve.

Her last single was Lifeline from 1983. I've never heard it nor do I know which style she was working at that point.

This zip contains the remarkable gay disco classic The Force and No, No, No. In 2004 a cd was released entitled The Force on FX records U.K. and includes all of her notable successes except for the more obscure Akiri Non Stop which you can enjoy in it's video form at least.

She now lives a quiet life on her farm in Devon, U.K. where still she still writes songs.

01. Akiri Non Stop
02. No Way
03. We Found Love
04. Tip For The Top
05. Day And Night
06. Turning It Over
07. You Shot Me Down In Flames
08. Lonely Without You
09. There's No Tomorrow
10. Baby Come Home
11. Goodbye
12. I'm Giving It Up
13. Heaven
14. Heaven (Extended Version)
15. The Force
16. The Force (Extended Version)


the saucer people said...

Hi there, I just wanted to share my love of the Nancy Nova 'The Force' track, both the original five minute version and the disco remix still sound so incredibly fresh....

I read in the post that "This zip contains the remarkable gay disco classic The Force and No, No, No". I have searched in vain for a link to the zip as I really want a copy of the No, No, No there a link or have I got it completely wrong?

ExpatMichael said...

It's up now. Don't know what happened to it.

Jorge Gago said...

I have this album from '78,but...not the singles,thanks for sharing :)

Michael Vinyl said...

I'm glad, you're glad. Do click on my ads.