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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

There's a Monsoon blowing in and it's not even scary or dangerous (ever so lonely)


Monsoon was a tasty melding of alternative, Indian and experimental music. Developed in 1980, their first release in 1981 featured the vocals of a young U.K. soap actress Sheila Chandra. Ever So Lonely was originally ignored but later picked up steam being re-mixed and added to other songs to form an ep. The Indy pop act only lasted just over two years but had several enjoyable releases. I suspect they were embraced by the same audience that would later embraces genres like trip-hop and ambient. Real college dorm light an incense stoner music.

There is a 1995 cd re-release which featured all the singles and a couple remixes.

01. Wings Of Dawn (Prem Kavita)
02. Tomorrow Never Knows
03. Third Eye And Tikka T.V.
04. Eyes
05. Shakti (The Meaning Of Within)
06. Ever So Lonely
07. You Can't Take Me With You
08. And I You
09. Kashmir
10. Watchers Of The Night
11. Indian Princess
12. Sunset Over The Ganges
13. Ever So Lonely (Hindi Version)
14. Wings Of Dawn (Prem Kavita) (Hindi Version)
15. Ever So Lonely Remix
16. Ever So Lonely Instrumental Remix

Sheila Chandra has also had several solo releases. The song I included below Sacred Stones is one of her solo singles. It's from her 1992 release Weaving my Ancestors Voices.

If you click the title of this blog it will take you directly to my ebay listing for the 12" of Ever So Lonely. Their first hit which shot all the way up to #9 in the U.K. pop charts.

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