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Saturday, September 12, 2009

When's your next Candlelight Afternoon?

Phyllis St. James had full control of her 1984 l.p. Ain't No Turnin' Back. A feat for a Motown artist. She wrote and arranged in collaboration on some cuts with Velton Ray Burch.

The single Candelight Afternoon got the most attention. But not very much attention, surely not as much as it deserved. Now boogie and modern soul collectors know to make a beeline for this 12" when it's offered.

This is an extended mix which is found only on the U.K. 12", not even the U.S. white label Promo has this version.

Phyllis St. James - Candelight Afternoon

He left me sleeping this morning
and his kiss was just a tease to my face
he said i'm gonna be late this evening darling
so don't wait up but have a good day

but noon he calls me on telephone
he says my love is reaching out for you
i need to hold you & kiss you before i come home
can we meet somewhere this afternoon ?

i got to have a candelight afternoon to be with you
embracing you in the shadows
i got to have a candelight afternoon can't wait til midnight
to hold you in my love

we keep no limits on the romance
we do everything to keep love alive
we're two lovers married to a life time of chance
where freedom is our bottom line
we hide & seek through the pillows
and play charades through our glasses of wine
we find pleasure that true love can give
and we don't have to wait til midnight


this is how we can keep the fire burning
yes this is how we can keep our love brand new
the timing is right, if day or night
we'll always make love even in the afternoon

embracing you in middle of the afternoon

refrain *2

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