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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Don't Stop, Don't Stop the Music Oh No, Don't Stop the Music!!!!! BAY CITY ROLLERS DISCO DISCO DANCE GEM

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Yes I was Bay City Rollers smitten but come on guys I was not even a teenager yet!


MASSIVE DISCO REMIX of the the Bay City Rollers compliments of the Canadian Record Pool in 1977.

Those guys must have had a hot thing going. They actually were responsible for several mixes which were big crowd-pleasers in the states. I don't think I ever saw mixes in the states credited to a record pool though clearly most of the guys doing the mixes back in the day were in the pool that David Mancuso put together in mid 1975. From whose ashes later rose Judy Weinstein's For the Record. A pool which has featured all the big New York star d.j.' over the years and up until it folded, not that long ago. This batch featured the Superstar New York City DJ Kings like Junior Vasquez, David Morales and Frankie Knuckles.

In this vintage photo we have Judy, RCA's Tony King, T.O. Featherstonshaw, Jane Brinton and a young and dashing David Steele from Polydor.  It was taken at The Paradise Garage for the 1 1/2 year anniversary of For the Record.

I mean hell the Bay City Rollers! The boys 'o tartan from Scotland making the boogier's get their grooves on in serious disco's in places like New York City and London and L.A.  Peaking at #24 on the Billboard Dance Charts in 1976 on import.

Well they did just that. Had it been picked up in the States it probably would have been even more massive. It only got a 45" 7" release there.

At the time I didn't know a thing about this 12". If I had I would have gone to great efforts to get my allowance together to buy a copy. I was definitely a rollers fan and not just for their only #1 pop hit in the states, Saturday Night (S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT). I think I had about five of their l.p.'s and I could sing along to a lot of their songs. Oh the innocence of youth!
Here is a more recent edit by Glenn Rivera of one of the band's U.S. Top Ten hits You Made Me Believe in Magic a hit from 1977.


Anonymous said...

I just learned today this 12" version was made, so I googled, and am very glad you posted this, many many thanks!

the saucer people said...

I love this 12 Inch, its so infectious and without a doubt the best thing the Rollers ever did, the breaks are incredible and really set up the chorus and main refrain when it kicks in. I have been looking for a decent 256-320 MP3 or FLAC/WAV rip of this for ages, the best I have so far is a 192 8.26meg MP3 file. If anyone has a higher quality rip or want a copy of the one I have, just mail me at jackamo23ATgmailcom.
Sadly because this was such a limited release and The Rollers only 12 Inch release, a decent copy goes for 130-140 Euros which as much as I love the song, is hard to part with!
I too wish I knew who in the Canadian pool of DJ's actually did this remix, if anyone knows it would be great if you could let me know or post here.

the saucer people said...

Six months later and I can finally answer the question as to who in the Canadian Record Pool was responsible for the 12 inch remix of the Bay City Rollers 'Don't Stop The Music'. In no particular order they are Dominique Zgarka, George Cucuzzella and Graham Powers (according to Discogs anyway!).

ExpatMichael said...

Thanks for the added info. saucer.

the saucer people said...

No problem Michael, always glad to add another piece to the disco jigsaw!

Word of warning for anyone who sees this 12 Inch version on a compilation called "The Original Masters Disco Vol4", the quality is absolutely terrible, I bought a wav file of it and the recording is worse than the 192 rip I have of it! Pretty sure they just ripped it off a vinyl copy and forgot to remaster it!

I was so gutted when I heard the wav file, I thought my search for a decent copy was over....the quest still goes on! Though it really suprises me that the 12 inch mix has not surfaced on any Bay City Rollers compilation, especially given the fact it was their only 12 inch!

Paul Harvey said...

I just discovered there was another longer disco mix of Don't Stop The Music that clocks in at 8:49!

It looks like a bootleg label as it's the only release and according to Deejaypg on Discogs, it was limited to 150 copies (which explains why a copy has never surfaced on Discogs).

Like the Arista 12 inch, it was a Canadian release so I am guessing it was mixed by the same Canadian Record Pool who did the shorter 12 inch mix, namely Dominique Zgarka, George Cucuzzella and Graham Powers.

Man, I would give anything to hear this longer mix and see how they have extended it.