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Monday, January 18, 2010

Welcome to the Deep, Dark, Mysterious ITALIAN Jungle

The sole l.p. by Zebra Crossing was released in 1978 on EMI Italy. We're Going Places was a minor hit and was even included on a couple Italian K-Tel style compilations.

Let's talk outfits! Our female lead vocalist here seems prepared for her audition for XENA Warrior Princess. While her male counter-parts are trying to decide whether they are going for a futuristic space trip or perhaps an audition as extras for the next Zorro film.

The get-ups might be a bit silly but the music is truly serious, particularly Life after Life which opens Side B, from the first riffs you can tell this one's a scorcher.

Husband and wife team Mario & Giosy Capuano were active through-out the 70's previous to this. In fact their release just previous to this one was a cover of The Theme from Close Encounters of the Third Kind as Capuano. Check it out by clicking below. They also recorded as an alias as MA.GI.C with an Italo Disco single on Mr. Disc Records in 1981 called Shampoo. That too I would be eager to hear as Mr. Disc is one of my favorite Italo labels.

Tracklist for Zebra Crossing

A1 We're Going Places (4:57)
A2 Just Another Day (5:11)
A3 Gypsy Boy (3:38)
A4 Flim - Flam (5:01)
B1 Life After Life (5:18)
B2 Yours Truly (4:41)
B3 Milk N' Honey (3:42)
B4 Dixie (5:07)

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