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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Magazine 60 are composed of Dominique Regiacourte, Jean-Luc Drion and Veronique Oliver. A French Electro NRG outfit able to sing in a few languages.

a Magazine zip

Their best known 12" was the infectious Don Quichotte. I had a really great time dancing to it. My best friend at the time was a girl from L.A. and it was one of her favorites from the underground clubs she used to frequent there. Clubs with names like Power Tool at rotating locations long before anyone was speaking about raves.

I think it was quite fun how they featured a theme, with Pancho Villa being another one of their fun Latin themed dance releases.

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the saucer people said...

Many thanks for sharing the Magazine 60 tracks, they really reflect that eighties sense of genuine "fun" before everything became post-modern and 'ironic'!

The only thing that is weird is the fact that the original 12 Inch and 'dub' mix sound exactly the same and I wonder if you have may have accidently mislabelled the 'dub' mix as there is not a lot of dubbing going on!...Either that or the dub elements are so subtle that they are just going over the top of my head!

Once again, amazing quality rips!