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Monday, April 25, 2011

SANDY BARBER is Sandy B THE BEST IS YET TO COME northern soul classic

Sandy Barber had her first release in 1977 with The Best is Yet to Come. It featured the theme for the Wonder Woman t.v. series. The l.p. has since became a Northern Soul classic and quite collectible.

It seemed like she just disappeared but then in the 90's she came back as Sandy B and became a hugely successful house/dance artist with two huge #1 dance hits in the U.S. Feel Like Singin' and Make the World Go Round.

The Best is Yet to Come
Sandy B zip

And now for a special treat the 2013 John Morales remix of I think I'll do some steppin' on my own.

Release of the 1977 Sandy Barber LP with the same name, including extra tracks not available on the original album.
01 Look Out Sky  3:41   
02 I've Got Something Good (Come On And Get It)  3:38   
03 The First Time  4:07   
04 Don't You Worry Baby (The Best Is Yet To Come)  7:17   
05 I Think I'll Do Stepping (On My Own)  8:00   
06 Wonder Woman  2:46   
07 Can't You Just See Me  2:23   
08 Stay Here With Me  4:24   
09 I'll Belong To You / Yea Baby  8:56   
10 Can't Nobody Take Your Place  4:59   
11 Remember Me  4:22   
12 Woman Of The World  4:27   
13 Let's Get Back Together  3:44   
14 I Think I'll Do Stepping (On My Own) (John Morales Alternative Mix)  8:46   
15 I Think I'll Do Stepping (On My Own) (Al Kent Disco Jam)  6:11


Johann Strauss said...

Thanks for the download, been looking for the title track for some time :-)

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