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Saturday, February 8, 2014


Riccardo Novi is Ryvon d.j. from Livorno, Italy.  Once a DJ Riccardo is now a chef!  He recorded four classic italo disco singles.  I've got two to share with you.

Another Italo Disco thrill. So simple and so right. I'm Gonna Dance (Take me Tonight) by Ryvon D.J. was released in 1985 on the Italian label Poker Records.

Highly coveted and hard to find it was recently re-released on a bootleg I'd imagine. Super hard to find in it's original pressing.

Click the blog title for your download pleasure.  You'll get two versions of it to enjoy. GET IT

SING A HAPPY SONG  Sing a Happy Song was his second release from 1985.

This one above in the you tube clip was just released in 2013!
Up and Down his third release I don't have but you can hear it just above.

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Anonymous said...

Love your posts, and love the music, thanks :)