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Monday, June 25, 2012

The fantabulous Meli'sa Morgan

Meli'sa Morgan has had success using a variety of aliases.  But the disco hit as Shades of Love, Keep in Touch from 1982 has to be her most memorable.  I know it was one of my major jams back when I was in high school back in suburban Connecticut.
The Ultimix remix service did a fun re-vamp of the song in their #56 issue in 1994.  In fact I still have it in my EBay store.  ULTIMIX 56
ULTIMIX 56 remix of Keep in Touch
"All over my body I wanna feel your body all over my body!"
Venture Records Twelve Inch in my EBay store


Keeping In Touch said...

WOW!! Your information is really very useful i love it..
Thank you for post..

Anonymous said...

Really Nice Blog Michael, I ran into it by pure chance. I had no idea you had one. Anyway great job and see you at the club !

ExpatMichael said...

Thanks man. I've been on a posting frenzy this weekend too.