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Friday, July 26, 2013

Loving You, Losing You Phyllis Hyman

Loving You, Losing You the first track on Phyllis Hyman's self-named 1977 l.p. has become one of the definitive morning music/sleaze tracks.  I've included it in a previous mega-post about morning music.  Here I have a zip with more versions including the Lary Sanders edit.  LOVING DOWNLOAD

Written and composed by the genius Tom Bell who is responsible for so much great music, the song has more of a bittersweet feel then ever due to Phyllis Hyman's suicide on June 30, 1995.  Though the song is from her debut l.p. it's not her first single.  Tall dark and lovely Phyllis was quite the looker!  I really hate to think about the pain she was going through to have taken her own life.  She did have a difficult career.  I think she had some bitterness over the fact that no label ever really was able to give her the huge success that she deserved.  Though she did have a few R and B hits, even a #1 in the early 90's and her talent and constant touring brought her to play at some prestigious venues.  I remember when living in N.Y.C. in the 90's she seemed to play pretty often.  I regret never having gone to one of her shows as I also greatly regret never seeing Angela Bofill another songbird who I adore.  Angela too had a hard time and suffered from a paralyzing stroke, that left her hardly able to speak.

That honor goes out to the one off single on Private Stock from 1975 called Leaving the Good Life Behind.  Mixed by the master Tom Moulton it only came out on a 7" single and remains highly collectible and mostly unknown.  Her second album Sing a Song from 1978 is the most collectible Phyllis costing hundreds of dollars if you can even find it.  Expensive even as a re-issue

Of course it took until 1979 to make her disco legendary the Mtume and Lucas produced and written gem You Know How to Love Me is certainly considered one of the best records of the disco era.

You're the One is a previously unreleased track from her disco years.  It has recently seen the light of day and can even be downloaded on Amazon.  YOU'RE THE ONE

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