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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Breakwater, more than just No Limit


It's about time I paid homage to Breakwater.  Formed in 1971 in Philadelphia;  they have been consistently been the most played artist in my iTunes.  They are the perfect soulful disco act that has not been overexposed.  Basically they never really had a hit.  I have a feeling that they were more re-discovered then anything.  Those ebay collectors sure know how to make a record out, but it does go in phases.  What was once a huge seller that got super high bids may later become common and will sell for far less.  LISTEN TO BREAKWATER BY CLICKING HERE


Work It Out5:46
You Know I Love You4:41
Unnecessary Business5:46
No Limit4:17
That's Not What We Came Here For3:41
Feel Your Way4:32
Do It Till The Fluid Gets Hot4:18
Free Yourself3:56
Their debut 12 inch release, the white label promo double A side of No Limit and Do it til the fluid gets hot is highly collectible and fetches a pretty penny whenever it comes around.


This zip that I'm posting is lower quality then I usually post.  When I get around to it I'll post a better quality version and I might even expand the post to include their second l.p. too.  i don't listen to that one quite as much but it's also a solid release.

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