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Saturday, April 19, 2014

ALISHA not just Baby Talk

Born in Brooklyn, N.Y. April 16, 1968, Alisha Ann Itkin in art ALISHA came onto the scene in 1984.  With a sound truly influenced by Madonna yet with the pulse on the N.Y. underground ELECTRO scene she had her moment.  Unfortunately her career peaked before even hitting the age of 20.

Though she had three albums one in 1985, one in 1987 and the last in 1990 to me it was all about that debut album.  With both Mark Berry and Shep Pettibone on her team how could she lose?  An impressive 5 twelve inch singles were released off an album with only 6 songs!  How's that for working the marketing to the fullest?  She was also one of the few NON latino artists embraced by the FREESTYLE community.

In December 1985 she had her biggest hit when Baby Talk went to #1 on the Billboard Dance Chart.  But I think my favorite was Stargazin' because it was the least played out and I really love the lyrics.  Just a few years older then Alisha I too had stars in my eyes at the time.  But I guess I just had to content myself with being one of the most fashion forward and in your face kids on The American University quad.  AN ALISHA ZIP

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