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Saturday, May 3, 2014

B.T. Express 2 Hot Ones from 1980

B.T. Express was formed in Brooklyn in 1972.  They were first known as King Davis House Rockers but made a smart choice with the name change suggested by Mel Cheron.  The B and T actually stand for Brooklyn Transit and why not?  Their sound came to be known as the Brooklyn sound.
They remained active for 15 years and were right in the middle of things during the proto disco period.  Luckily they were finally signed to Scepter where Mel Cheron championed the disco sound which led to back to back #1 hits on the r&b charts with Express and Do it (til you're satisfied), their own brand of funky disco was THE SOUND OF 1975.  Though they continued to release quality material yearly, none of it ever really reached their early peak.
1980 would have been a very promising year for them.  But it also came to be known as the year disco fell out favor.  So even though they released some amazing tracks like Give up the Funk (let's dance) and Does it Feel Good it didn't translate into much chart success.  The promo twelve inch of both of those songs have become quite collectible.  I'm providing them for you here. B.T. Zip

 The mighty Billy Nichols did come up with a solo track that was a favorite at The Paradise Garage with Give Your Body up to the Music on West End Records.

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