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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Gayle Adams

Gayle Adams only had the two albums on Prelude and a handful of singles on other labels but I certainly think back upon her with a lot of favor.  She was a disco artist that didn't really get to benefit from any crossover success either.


She also didn't benefit from the fact that her releases came out at the tail end of the disco era.  I'd like to think that Stretchin' Out, Your Love is a Lifesaver, Love Fever and others would have been crossover to pop hits had they come out just a couple years earlier.  They are certainly as good as Anita Ward or Chic.

Luckily her remixes were done by Francois K. cause he was the man.

Her cover of Baby I Need Your Loving didn't even get a twelve inch release in the U.S.

Her collaboration with Tyrone Brunson Love Triangle flopped.

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