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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Special Place In my Heart

This is not the biggest or most dramatic Sylvester song, but it is the one that holds the most special place in my heart.  When this record was huge in the clubs I was incredibly enamored with going out.  I was the quintessential up and coming disco bunny.  And when I would hit the floor I'd be out there for hours with my friends.  Badlands, The Lost & Found, Tracks, The Frat House, if you were there you know where I'm talking about!

Luckily Sylvester came around a lot to promote his stuff during the Megatone years so I had the pleasure of seeing him live somewhere near 10 times.  He was basically the biggest club music celebrity there was in that period.  And though the pop charts were no longer kind to him in the 80's he did make quite a good career for himself until that fateful day that A.I.D.S. took him away from us.

Lots of great appearances have been preserved on you tube.  Another great one of course is when he was on the Joan Rivers show.  Especially since it was one of his last and when he had finally gotten a release on a major label again, and even a Larry Levan remix.

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