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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Computer Pop by Maggotron

Sometimes I'll throw something up just because it's really rare.  At times the tune seems not to fit in at all with the usual stuff I put on my blog.  I think that's necessary too so I don't get pegged.  Why should you know what to expect here?

So this guy from Miami named James Mc Cauley or DJX has recorded under many incarnations of his act Maggotron.  This first twelve inch single of theirs Computer Pop from 1984 is super rare.  Apparently only 1,000 copies are pressed.  I've seen it go for hundreds of dollars on eBay.  I recently sold my album called Bass Planet Paranoia from 1990.  That one is a lot easier to find.



TDC said...

Sounds like slightly offbeat classic electro - with drum machine, vocoder and ultra-fat synth bass. Judging by the feel, it also sounds to me like a lot of it was played by hand without any sequencers. Thanks for the track!

Paul Harvey said...

Great to see a Maggotron ‎post on here! Big fan of early electro and it fits in really well with early Italo tracks like Lectric Workers et al.

As the earlier Mancuso recording shows, disco is as much about the selections as it is a specific 'sound' or genre.

I look forward to more of this 'surprises' :)