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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Don't Stop the Rock Freestyle

Nothing like a group having the name of a genre.  And that was even before it started to have it's biggest run of hits.  In fact Miami Electro act Freestyle started charting in 1983!  

I think my favorite Freestyle single is Don't Stop the Rock from 1985.  It seemed to so perfectly sum up a big part of the scene.  At once so Fun House and yet so clearly a foreshadowing of the sound that would be the more commercial freestyle sound.  I'm just a big fan of the vocoder.  If it's in the song I'm probably gonna love it.  Anything that reminds me of a robot singing puts a smile on my face.

"Pretty Tony" has his name on a quite a few records I love, he was actually a member of Freestyle.

Now pardon me as I go break dance in the living room.

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