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Thursday, November 16, 2017


Sorry about the break folks.  Classes started and I was back to teaching.  Hopefully it was worth the wait cause I have some real delicious rare italo disco goodies to throw your way.

Bagarre are a curious act.  I'd have to say what they are serving is actually more new wave then italo disco.  Considering their first releases came out in 1982 that's understandable.

The first single was LemonSweet.  An interesting point to make about Bagarre is that they actually have a proper English vocalist.  No funny Italian pronunciation here.  The groove is irrefutable though.  These tracks were made for the club, as oft-kilter as they are.

LemonSweet even came out on two different Italian 12".  Not sure what the story was on that but sort of interesting for the time.

The second single No Toys actually has a 9 minute plus remix which I haven't got but I do feature the album version here.

The third single came out in 1984 and the second l.p. in 1985 but I'm not featuring those today.  

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