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Friday, January 1, 2016

STARKNIGHT is this really English?

Refreshed Links from a 2010 blog
O.K. so they gave this guy an English sounding name (Bob Salton), but clearly English is not his mother tongue. If his pronunciation wasn't bad enough it also happens to be garbled. What is a Starknight anyway? Something medieval? Something dark? Surely something made up.
But once again in classic Italo Disco form their making up is our pleasure. This 1982 release on Blood Records is one more example of how clearly funky and electronic and danceable Italo Disco can be.  The D.J.'s at WBMX in Chicago found it and played the hell out of it.

One very interesting thing to note is that Alredo Riccini who also happened to co-write this tune also happens to record with the aliases Joe Yellow, Bandanna, Bob Salton, DelanuĂ , Joe Yellow, and Sylvi Foster. After knowing that it also begins to make a lot more sense. Though I'd have to wonder if he took English lessons or something cause by the time Lover to Lover and Take my Heart came out he certainly had much better and clearer enunciation.

I'm going to have to out myself here. I'm an English as a second language teacher living in Rome so it's a topic I come in contact with daily.

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the saucer people said...

Starknight is one of my favourite Italo tracks of all time and like you I have a real soft spot for weirdly pronounced English Italo such as Starknight and tracks by Bagarre/Baciotti/Charlie and I have noticed a few other bloggers express a preference for these kind of records! Maybe a top ten list would be an idea!

Though I imagine teaching English abroad makes it sound slightly less endearing after a while! lol