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Monday, July 29, 2013

Alive with Love/Without your Love Cut Glass

1979's DJ of the Year

This double A side is one of the earliest examples of a genre of disco that became huge in the 80's particularly in gay clubs, HI NRG.  This genre was especially big at the San Francisco mega disco The Trocadero Transfer whose resident DJ Bobby Viteritti was 1979's Billboard magazine DJ of the Year.  In fact he even did a take on it and I've included it in the zip below.

The duo also previously recorded under the names Hott City and Graffiti and were composed of Mildred Vaney and Ortheia Barnes.

The follow-up was the sublime Rising Cost of Love though it's much less well known then Without Your Love.  I still have the original double A side 12" on Ear Hole Records in my discogs store.

I was also able to come up with some rare remixes for my zip including the Razormaid and the Hot Tracks remixes.  Then there is even a take by the guys at Almighty which was released in 2003.  They tend to do an updated Hi NRG sound which has a big gay club appeal.

Apparently the Hot Classics Version from 1985 features uncredited synthesizer work by the master Patrick Cowley.  A CUT GLASS ZIP

Synthesizer King Patrick Cowley

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