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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Bobby O is the man! Pet Shop Boys, Divine, The Flirts, Waterfront Home, Oh Romeo and more

What can be said about Bobby Orlando, (Robert Phillip Orlando), the king of Hi NRG.  I've heard he was a homophobe who clearly made a lot of his money from the gay scene.  I've heard he was idolized by the Pet Shop Boys and are the reason why they decided to make that kind of music (and of course collaborated with him until they got a better offer).  I've heard many things but don't really know much factually.  make it on my own free enterprise
He certainly had a prolific career and some of his stuff is a lot better then others.  The sound is clearly repetitive.  But it was a winning sound and he just kept repeating it over and over in different ways.  The disco era was over but people still really wanted to dance, so why not?  Especially in Europe where the dance music never really stopped charting after the disco era.
Divine who is truly one of my idols worked with Bobby Orlando for a lot of his earlier releases.  Some of which even became pop hits in Europe.  A fate that eluded him in his American homeland. SOME DIVINE

The 1983 release Waterfront Home Take a Chance on Me was the perfect straddling of italo disco and hi nrg.  This is one of the acts that Bobby was actually in himself along with Tony Caso and Christina Criscione.  In this zip there is a marvelous edit done by my friend the illustrious DJ Paul Goodyear.

I'm not even going to tell you what's in the zip.  I will say that it's got a great combination of things.  Some better known and some less.  But all in high quality mp3.  Bobby Orlando, the definitive sound of club music in the 80's.  White NRG club music.  WHO'S YOUR BOYFRIEND by ERIC

Bright Nothing World was a 2010 release.  Nice to see he is still embracing dance.  Question is, is anybody listening?

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