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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Walk the Night

Other then Italo disco, morning music and sleaze have been a big feature on Disco Vinyl.  It's a type of sound that I don't want to ever forget.  Oh the memories of a morning music sets under the dome!

The Skatt Brothers were a Los Angeles band that had been working with Kiss and like them were also signed to Casablanca.  Walk the Night is their only track that made some waves in fact it went all the way up to the #9 on the Billboard dance chart in 1980.

It's a special record and always gets a good response.  It was even featured in the video game Grand Theft Auto 4.  According to Rockstar Games, the company thought the song so important to have on the soundtrack that they hired a private investigator to locate Delaney's (who died in 2003) surviving relatives and secure the rights to include it. wikipedia


For one of my most interesting posts go up to the search function and look for sleaze or morning music.  There is a great run-down on the genre.  Unfortunately the links are pretty much all dead but a pretty pretty please and I may even go look for some of them again.

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