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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sometimes I get very emotional about 1983, Rome, Italo Disco, The Pineapples, Casco and much more

In 1983 I went on abroad program to Rome. I was a sophomore at The American University in Rome then returned to Washington, D.C.  Those four years were the best of my life.  But the time I spent in Rome was instrumental to my future.

To be a young guy partying several nights a week in the Roman discos was incredible that year. For many reasons other then the carefree attitude one has when you have no responsibilities and you are somewhere between child and adult.

1983 was also the best year for Italo Disco. It was just bursting. So many releases and so many fun records to dance too. Being in Rome I was in the middle of it all and just dancing the night away. At the time I didn't even think about the fact that these records were being produced in Italy and that in some other parts of the world they were dancing madly to these MADE IN ITALY productions too.

I fell in love with the city and told myself I'd return one day. I've been here for more then ten years now and I still get choked up when I remember 1983 and all the fun I had.

Come on Closer by Pineapples featuring Douglas Roop was released on Danse Records, Naples in 1983. It's one of those special Italo Disco songs for me. From that drum break to the deep and choclately vocal style of Mr. Roop. The story behind this one was that Douglas was a black American soldier stationed in Naples and he somehow met Roberto Ferrane who struck gold by meeting this untrained singer who really could sing. We've certainly heard our share of Italo Disco records sung by people who simply couldn't pronounce the English language or were actually just a pretty face that couldn't sing at all. Den Harrow (Manuel Stefano Zandri) being a prominent example (many of his hits were sung by Tom Hooker). Here's a recent photo of Den who owns a gym in Brescia. By the way that name Den Harrow actually comes from the Italian word for money denaro

CYBERNETIC LOVE by CASCO Salvatore Cusato, Italian DJ and Producer was responsible for this piece of italo disco perfection also from 1983.  Casco means helmet in Italian, by the way.

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