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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

An Anna Domino Retrospective.....TAKE THAT AND SO MUCH MORE

Though my blog is not really about this type of music I need to herald the fact that it too was an instrumental part of my life.  For a few years in the 80's Anna Domino's music had a big impact on my life.

Belgian super talent Anna Domino released her first single in 1983.  Trust, in Love on the Belgian label  Les Disques Du Crepuscule.  The next year came Rhythm which I've included in a deluxe zip.  I've only chosen her songs which were released on 12 inch for this zip. ANNA ZIP ALTERNATE ANNA ZIP

Later that year marked a departure for Anna.  She did a duet with Luc Van Acker for the seminal Chicago label Wax Trax Records called Zanna.  He's a fellow Belgian artist, producer and studio manager.  It too is in my zip.

The following year in 1985 came Take That.  This is most likely her best known record.  The mix produced by Alan Rankine really brought her into that Synth Pop sound.  It was a big hit on seminal alternative station WDRE and could be danced to at alternative clubs.

Summer was released in 1986 and was off the album Anna Domino which also featured another favorite track of mine called Drunk.  Australian D.J. Betty tells me this record was big down under.  This is the album where she covered the classic The Hunter Gets Captured By the Game.  1986's twelve inch of Summer includes a great mix by the legendary Arthur Baker.  I've included that in the zip too.

1987's Tempting was the first single off my favorite Anna album This Time,  the second single Lake was also a gem.  I've included both of them in the zip.  In 1988 This Time was like the soundtrack for my life.  I must have listened to it hundreds of times.  It was that perfect mix of moody and cheerful that gets me going.

In 1988 came an e.p., Colouring in the Edge and the Outline with the sublime Luck and Clouds of Joy to name a couple.  This was another one that got some major play in my N.Y.C. East Village apartment.  1989's compilation L'Amour Fou was another album that I listened to a great deal.  It featured most of the best songs, though for some reason Take That wasn't on it.

By 1990 her last album was released called Mysteries of America.  I have to admit that by then I wasn't really following her career the way I had for the past few years before.  I was listening to a lot more house music and going out too much and being a lot less introspective.

In 1996 a more complete retrospective came out called Favorite Songs from the Twilight Years 1984-1990.  By then she had really fallen off my radar.  But not long after that I won an Ebay auction from a Japanese vendor and it completed my collection and brought her back in my mind-set.

Finally 2004's Dreamback (The Best of) came out.  If you love Anna like I love Anna then this is the one you really need to truly complete your collection.

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