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Thursday, June 6, 2013


Melba Moore's first charted single was in 1966 and her output since then has been immense.  During the disco heyday she had a few of the most popular and most memorable hits including This is It, Standing Right Here, You Stepped Into My Life and Love's Comin' at Ya.  rare promo of This is It in my ebay store

I've decided to spotlight a lesser known track.  It was from her Capitol years in the 80's.  Released in 1982 Mind Up Tonight is one hot record.  Written by Lillo Thomas and produced by Paul Lawrence Jones III I guess it just came out at the wrong time.  Not many remember it.
 I saw Melba perform at a Paradise Garage reunion party a couple years back.  She was a in great form and the crowd loved her.  She did not perform Mind Up Tonight though she did about five numbers.  She must have been a real Garage diva in her day.
white label promo of the BEE GEES penned YOU STEPPED INTO MY LIFE I'm bringing back Mind Up Tonight cause it shouldn't be forgotten.  I'd love to hear a hot new edit too.  Melba's not toast

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