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Saturday, September 2, 2017


Generally I try to go at least partially obscure with my posts.  But this time I'm going right for the hit.  In 1983 you could not get away from Happy Children anywhere in Europe.  1983 was the year of the italo disco explosion but few of the singles broke the way this record did.  P. Lion also had the luxury of being on the quintessential italo disco label, Discomagic.  Happy Children was produced by Davide Zambelli of the band Scotch, italo disco stars in their own right.

P. Lion zip

It bring back joyous memories and it's one of those records I never ever get sick of.  It was #31 in the year end tally for 1983 in Italy and peaked at #7 so I think it was more a matter of longevity then that high peak number on the charts.

P. Lion (Pietro Paolo Pelandi) had one semi hit after Happy Children with Dream, but it did not come anywhere close to the success of his debut single.  It's also got that quality that I enjoy in Italo Disco records, the semi-off pronunciation factor.

P. Lion was actually from a noble family.  His father was a Count.  He started playing the piano as a child and even writing his own music.  Luckily his parents were quite supportive.

He still plays around the world milking his two hits.  He'd have to consider himself pretty lucky!

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