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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

O.K. Run is an alias for Sandy Marton as M-Basic

Years before the big international pop hit People from Ibiza Sandy Marton had hooked up with seminal italo disco producer Claudio Cecchetto and they came up with O.K. Run.  It's now considered an early classic of the genre.  Cecchetto was responsible for many of the best italo records of the 80's.

Sandy Marton became one of the most recognizable Italian pop stars of the 80's though few of his songs broke in the states.  His long blond hair was reminiscent of Green Gartside from Scritti Politti.  Maybe there was only room for one pop star with long blonde hair.


Which reminds me Italians use the expression O.K. and for them it means great.  I've found the need to explain to them that in English O.K. is nothing special.  Sometimes it is just above the minimum.  So I would never use O.K. as a compliment.

My favorite Sandy Marton record is 1985's Camel by Camel.  I remember People from Ibiza getting so played out I didn't care if I ever heard it again (it went to #1 in Italy).  I didn't know at the time that this Croatian born Italian transplant who actually lives in Ibiza had a string of Italo Disco hits.

Sandy Marton is one of the few artists that actually gave a face to italo disco.  And a pretty one at that.

Sandy recently got back into the public consciousness in Italy by participating in Isola dei Famosi.  Which is sort of a fusion of Big Brother with Survivor featuring mostly has beens singers and actors.


Sandy was lucky enough to work with the best in the biz.  He will be remembered as an italo disco star.

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