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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hot French Disco by The Garcons

Les Garcons was a French disco project from 1979. Mixed by Studio 54 d.j. Tom Savarese and featuring notable background vocalists like Christine Wiltshire and Ramona Brooks. Their debut l.p. was arranged by Carlos Franzetti and was released on Phillips Records France.

It's a solid effort but the stand-out tracks are French Boys and Encore L'amour. I have no idea why Encore L'amour is written in French because it's sung in Italian so naturally it should be called Ancore L'amore. Both are spacy and progressive. But I prefer Encore L'amour for it's incredible orchestral intro. and it's deadpan Italian vocal style. This could have been re-mixed into one frenzied slab of madness in the right hands.


Their next release was the single Les Deux Amants released on Celluloid in 1980. I'd be curious to hear if it was as good. Apparently it's more New Wave.  Daft Punk must certainly look up to Les Garcons.

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Dj said...

this sucks only one song not the whole lp or ep. You kinda want to know the rest of the songs that come around.

ExpatMichael said...

Nice of you to complain. What are you offering?