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Monday, April 6, 2009

Love Money a Paradise Garage Classic BO KOOL or LOVE MASTERS

Love Money is one of those definitive Paradise Garage classics. In all it's inceptions. There is the original from 1981 released on a few different labels. Money (No Love) by Bo Kool and Love Money by the FunkMasters.

The lyrics about wearing a rubber glove were quite timely.


There is also the 1986 re-mix which also includes the funky dubby Fort Knox.  In the next few days I will refresh the link for the 1986 remix.

Juliet Roberts who had several huge house records including Caught in the Middle was a vocalist in Funk Masters. Juliet also had several releases on Bluebird records U.K. which are relatively obscure. One of which was produced by John Rocca and another written by Sting.

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Louis said...

apparently the original actually came out in 1980 under a different name