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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Clubland Set Me Free

So as to not get too predictable up in here I thought I'd post something that is not disco.
This 1992 release on Great Jones by Clubland brings back some great memories of N.Y. clubland.  Set me Free featuring the vocals of Zemya Hamilton.
But what can I say about it really?  It's just pleasurable commercial house music with a strong hook and a beat that really makes you want to shake your tail.  Who would have thought back in 1992 that 20 years later so much pop music would be totally dance oriented?  I remember when months would go by before a pure dance song like "Show me Love" would crossover onto the pop charts.  So many perfectly poppy dance songs never broke in the states.  It's a shame really cause most of these dance oriented songs that make it big now don't hold a candle to dance songs like "Set me Free."
One thing to note is the genius co-production of Eric Kupper.  He has of course had many more hits since this but his talent is undisputed.  And his sound is genuine and deep.

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